About Barter Shelf

Nothing is for sale!

Barter Shelf is a free online platform for you to connect with other producers, or people with items that you can trade or barter with. The people of Barter Shelf have a vision to empower everybody to do what they are good at, and at the same time, minimise wasted produce and items that have real value!

Bartering is one of the oldest community building tools we have! It is something we have long taken for granted and using money has been the 21st century mindset. Using Produce, Arts and Crafts, Plants, un-wanted items or tools to swap for things we do need is the key, instead of spending what we don’t have.

Everything has a value, you don’t have to pay for it! Just trade for it!

A couple of examples

Jeff lives on a hinterland property and has free range chickens. Sometimes he ends up with more eggs than he knows what to do with! Jeff decides to put a batch of the eggs on Barter Shelf. In return for a 3 dozen eggs he selects Avocados, Fruits and Honey. Soon he has others who he can regularly swap his eggs for needed weekly items.

Mike runs a Mango and Nut Farm, he has a regular access to Mango’s and Nuts and knows when he has met his quota, he can easily turn his extra fresh produce into other items by putting regular packs on Barter Shelf. Mike is happy with his fresh Avocados this trade, the next trade he will try for some Honey that he has already seen while looking on Barter Shelf.

Steve has an old surfboard that has been sitting in his shed for years! He has tried to sell it but just seems to get spammed with tyre kickers. Steve decides the value of the board is $120 and really likes the idea of trading for a second hand set of golf clubs. Steve uploads his board onto Barter Shelf and when someone in turn puts their set of golf clubs onto the shelf they will be matched for a trade.

Sally owns fishing trawler, the prawns are running thick and Sally decides to put a 2kg bag of cooked prawns on the shelf. Sally uploads the photo and info and chooses a few of the many different products that she would normally have to buy in return! Like Eggs, Meats, Vegetables. Soon enough the prawns has been traded for valuable goods she would normally have to buy.