Bartering is fun!

It empowers people to do what they love and are good at and in turn, exchange some of their produce, goods or items into other daily needs.


We love connecting people so they can barter and then trade their goods! In a lot of cases the people you are going to meet and trade with, you will be meeting for the first time. With common sense in mind, and to ensure this is done safely, we recommend you arrange to meet them at a public space in your local or nearby township. Another tip is to try and make multiple trades at the same time and location.

Below are some tips for different groups of producers to maximise the quality, safety and visually enhance their photos.


Keeping in touch with your favourite barter buddies, and communicating when your produce will be available for future trades can be easy done with our messaging system.  You can potentially sustain your family with the best produce and products without using any cash!


When deciding what your product is worth, it is best to use the retail cost as a guide. If you have apples to trade it is pretty easy to find out online what the going rate per kg is for your particular type of apple.


We are allowed to swap goods of equal value. If you are in a position where you need to pay money as well as product you may need to check with the ATO regarding potential tax consequences if you have a business. If you are looking to barter with services you need to refer to as there are tax complexities involved that they can manage for you.


It is highly recommended that once you have connected with someone and made a deal to pause or remove your post from the shelf. This will mean you won’t get others trying to contact you for the same product.


Please contact [email protected] and report any person who is misusing the website. We will do our best to police any concerning behaviour on the site however we ask for by reporting.

It always helps when attracting someone to barter with for the first time, that your product presents well. Our mobile phones are the perfect tool for the job!