How it Works

Sign up to Barter Shelf, it’s free! and only takes a few minutes.

Watch our video to see how Barter Shelf works!

Once you have signed up and built a profile, you can then place (upload) produce or items on the shelf.
We have made this simple for you with easy steps;

Put something
on your shelf

You input what you are bartering with, a brief description, an approximate value in dollars, and what type of produce or item you might be looking for in return. Upload a cool photo of your item/s and – job done!

NOTE. If it is an item or produce you will be doing regularly you can replicate the same post, for example if you have a weekly supply of avocados coming through, you don’t need to start from scratch each time you put it on the shelf.

Find produce
or items of interest

There are two ways to find produce or items of interest.

Let us do it for you! You have already checked boxes of what you would like in return for your barter. Our system will match other barter buddies, that have placed their items on the shelf given your pre selected criteria. You will both get a notification and can connect via our messaging system.


You can browse the shelf for items that might be of interest, either by using our search menu or just scrolling the feed. Once you see something of interest you can connect via message to the owner to barter.

the Trade

Once you have made the trade you will need to remove that item from the shelf, so you do not get other people contacting you.

To make a trade with anyone, you need to have product on the shelf!

Ready to start bartering?